Truck-mounted and semi-trailer models

Truck-mounted and semi-trailer models

Gases that are cooled down to be liquefied are called cryogenic fluids. These liquids enable optimal efficiency during transport, as they take up less room than in their gaseous state. 

We design, engineer and manufacture cryogenic transport tanks for numerous liquefied gases. Among these are:

  • Air gases (including LIN, LOX, and LAR)
  • Flammables (including LH2, LNG, LC2H4 and LC2H6)
  • LCO2, LN2O and refrigerants

Technical details

We supply truck-mounted (TM-series) and semi-trailer (TL-series) models. The low-pressure tanks are equipped with a liquid pump; the high-pressure series are operated without.

Design codes and certifications

We design our cryogenic tanks in compliance with ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes. In addition, they are ISO 9001 and ADR certified. They are also approved by and registered with the Thai Department of Industrial Works and the Department of Land Transport.

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