Commissioning and repair

One-stop shop for after-sales and reparation

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, we are situated close to the sea and adjacent to various motorways. Consequently, cryogenic tanks, pressure vessels and vaporisers can be easily brought in for after-sale services, repairs, and recertification.


We provide commissioning services, including the initial vacuum check and the filling and cooling down procedures of natural and industrial gases.

Repair and recertification

Our repair and recertification services include:

  • Vacuum evaluation and restoration
  • Helium leak testing
  • Molecular sieve dehumidification
  • Replacement of new insulation: super insulation or perlite insulation
Piping & Component
  • Piping system inspection, modification and repair
  • Gauges and valves inspection, recalibration and replacement
  • Leakproofness test for all piping systems and components
  • Partial and full repair of the inner and outer vessel
  • Repair or replacement of the frame and other non-pressure parts
  • In-house sandblasting, painting, and refurbishing of the vessel

All tank repairs include documentation and recertification. In addition, we involve third parties who conduct the inspections necessary for recertification.

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