Pressure vessels

Custom-designed to meet your specs

Cryogenic fluids must be re-gasified before being withdrawn from a tank. One way to evaporate these liquids is by using an ambient air vaporiser. These devices take heat from the surrounding air to vaporise the liquid.

We manufacture ambient air vaporisers designed to meet your specifications, including pressure rates, dimensions, ambient temperature and other parameters. For instance, we once designed an LNG vaporiser with a capacity of 5,000 Nm3/hour. Based on your specs, we make design and material choices and advise on the type of header and fin tubes.

Upon request, we produce the vaporisers in sets of 2, to be alternated in case of ice formation.

Pressure build-up vaporiser

In addition to the ambient air vaporisers, we design and manufacture pressure build-up ones. These devices maintain pressure inside the vessel and are equally tailored to your tank.

All vaporisers are built in compliance with international design codes, including ASME VIII, Division 1 and API 661.

Read more about our engineering expertise and design codes.

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