A wealth of cryogenic and pressure vessel experience

Having been in business since 1995, we enjoy extensive experience and know-how regarding cryogenics and pressure vessel design.

This shows in the way we handle our projects.

First of all, we assign 1 project manager who is in charge of the project and keeps you apprised of its progress.

Customising standard products and proven designs

Secondly, we never start from scratch. For efficiency reasons, we build on standard products and proven designs and customise these to meet your specifications.

Solid modelling and drafting

Thirdly, our modelling and design calculations are made with state-of-the-art design software - both commonly available and specially developed by our engineers.

3D CAD software, for instance, enables us to make finite element analyses. It also provides us with highly detailed and accurate designs, which reduce human errors compared to traditional 2D design programmes.

In compliance with codes and regulations

As a fourth illustration of our experience, we work in accordance with many international design codes. Our tanks and vaporisers, for example, comply with ADR regulations and are ISO certified. They can be designed in accordance with AD-2000, R to D or ASME codes and have an ASME U-stamp.

Moreover, our products are approved by and registered with the Thai Department of Industrial Works and the Department of Land Transport.

To ensure optimal safety, we subject our products to extensive tests and involve third parties who conduct inspections.

Proud partner of Rootselaar Group

And finally, we have been in a joint venture with Dutch-based Rootselaar Group since 2008. This alliance enables us to optimally serve clients throughout South East Asia. For instance, we exchange cryogenic knowledge and expertise with Cryovat International and involve Hadetec to provide additional engineering know-how. Should a client look for specific design codes or certifications, Tankbouw Rootselaar comes into play.

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About Cryotech-asia


In response to client needs, we were among the first to bring cryogenic expertise to Thailand. Since 2008, a strategic alliance has been established with Dutch Rootselaar group. Read how we harness this joint venture to exceed customer expectations.

About Cryotech-asia