Cryogenic storage tanks

For LNG, industrial gases and hydrogen

At low temperatures, gases liquefy. These cryogenic liquids take up less room than they would as a gas, making them highly efficient to store.

We develop a wide range of vertical and horizontal cryogenic pressure vessels for various liquid gases:

  • LNG. We supply tanks for truck filling stations and have built small-scale LNG plants.
  • Industrial gases, including LIN, LOX and LAR. LCO2 can be stored either in cryogenic tanks or foam-insulated pressure vessels.
  • Hydrogen. We are at the forefront of LH2 storage developments and offer our expertise.

We have particular field experience in the storage of LCO2  and LNG.

Some technical details

All cryogenic tanks are designed to meet your specifications and produced as single products or in small series. Although most parameters vary, we list some standard technical details below:

  • Storage temperatures can be customised. We have managed temperatures of -180° Celcius.
  • Capacity is customised. We have delivered up to 120.000 litres. 
  • Working pressures vary depending on the process. We have delivered up to 35 barg.
  • Our vessels have a low NER due to unique design support, and high-vacuum multilayer or perlite insulation.
  • The vessels are supported by legs, skirt, or saddle and customised to your specs.
  • All weld seams on the inner vessel are 100% x-rayed.
  • The number of piping joints is minimised to reduce the potential of leaks and maintenance costs.
  • All interconnecting pipes are seamless.
  • All tanks have a high-performance safety system with dual relief valves.
  • All vacuum-accessible ports are designed to prevent unauthorised access.

All tanks are equipped with vaporisers.

Design codes and certifications

We design and manufacture our cryogenic storage tanks following many design codes and certifications. Among these are ASME, PED and ISO 9001. 
Read more about our design codes and certifications.

More information

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