ISO Tank Containers T75

All vessels are based on proven designs, delivered by Cryovat International, another Rootselaar Group company. These designs are then tailored to meet your specifications.

Due to this customisation, no tank is alike. However, all vessels boast large volumes and low tare weight – features we are known for. In addition, we can provide some general specs for your information:

  • Use: for transport by rail or road
  • ISO dimensions T75 (IMO-7) cryogenic tanks: 10, 20, 40, and 45 ft
  • Capacity: customised. We have manufactured up to 54,000 litres but have no upper limit 
  • Pressure rates: customised. We have delivered up to 24 barg
  • Insulation: multi-layer/super insulation with vacuum
  • Frame type: beam with or without gooseneck
  • Seamless interconnecting pipes
  • Equipped with special design supports and suspension system for superior tank durability 
  • The outer vessel can be made of stainless steel to assure low corrosion over long-term use

All tanks are equipped with vaporisers.

Design codes and certifications

We design our cryogenic tanks in compliance with ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes. In addition, they are ISO 9001 and ADR certified. They are also approved by and registered with the Thai Department of Industrial Works and the Department of Land Transport.

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